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About Us

The Doggie Walkers has been keeping dogs happy since 1990.  Today we still consider “doggie happiness” to be our specialty.  The Doggie Walkers developed as an extension of Alternative Pet Care, our pet sitting service, that was established in 1985.  Our first mid-day client was a lady who was desperate to keep her dog, but her 14 hour work days were making it impossible.  We wanted to help, but our pet sitters mostly worked mornings and evenings, and they weren’t too eager to commit to mid-day visits every M-F.  We knew we had to help this lady keep her doggie!  We finally managed to find a sitter willing to work the afternoon shift, and The Doggie Walkers division was up and walking!  We knew we had to address this need. Soon we had multiple employees who just wanted to walk dogs in the afternoon.  In fact, they loved the exercise, hours, and companionship.  Some of our original walkers are still with us! 

That was 29 years ago, and now we walk lots of doggies.  Long commutes, and busy Washingtonian-style work schedules often make it difficult for owners to fulfill all of their dogs’ needs during the week.  The Doggie Walkers helps loving, but busy, dog owners keep their dogs happy, and their rugs cleanJ 
In 2007, The Doggie Walkers added another division to our pet care services—dog training!  Our Doggie Trainers division provides positive group and private dog training.  We have a wide variety of classes, and we guarantee that they will be fun for you and your dog. 

The Doggie Walkers would like to thank our wonderful clients who loan us their dogs for 30 minutes each day. You have no idea how many smiles, laughs, and funny stories you have provided us.  Your dogs have taught us many things, and never fail to improve our day.  Thanks for making our tails wag!

Poochas Gracias!
The Doggie Walkers


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