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"Thank you for all the wonderful walks you gave our dog, Max. We found it necessary to have Max euthanized on September 10, because he suffered from a fast-moving disease. We miss him terribly, and Francis, our dog walker, was kind enough to call and say how sorry he was and how much he will miss Max, too.

We wanted you to know that Francis made it possible for a family with 2 working parents to have a dog as long as we did. He is very attentive to his charges, and always let us know how Max fared during the day, especially after Max had surgery (which, unfortunately, he had to have several times during the last few years). We always knew Max was well looked after, and how much he looked forward to seeing Francis every day. Max was such a "people" dog, and Francis was definitely one of his favorites (and I suspect Max was one of Francis' favorites). We found Francis to be very reliable and loyal, and we hope, if we get another dog, that Francis will still be working in the Collingwood area.

Thank you again for all you did for Max." Sincerely, Pam Russell


"I have been very pleased with the service my dog has received from The Doggie Walkers. The walkers are like members of my family!"

Jeanne Broyhill and her dog, Sophie.


"You've been worth it -- Mekin and I both really like our Doggie Walker. He has kept a good eye on her when she's been sick, made sure she finishes her breakfast when I ask, and always leaves a detailed note to keep me up to speed. We'd have her walked all 5 days a week if we could afford it! Thanks so much for the great service thus far!"

D.S. and her dog, Mekin.


"We love the Doggie Walkers! Chili looks forward to her walks with Jannet and we feel like our pup's in good hands."

Debbie Feinberg and her dog, Chili.


"I have never had a more conscientious walker. They are also very dependable."

George Lizama and his dog, Peaches.


"We can't wait to see our Walker, Randa. She is so nice to us. She always plays with us and never gets mad, even if we have an accident. She makes sure that our Mommy doesn't get mad either. We would like Randa to play with us the whole day! We are so sorry seeing her go to play with other doggies, but we know that she would be back next day. Thank you Randa."

Schilling and Schulli, and their owner, Maggie Janelli.


"This is Maddie at 6 months (she's 7 months now). We continue to appreciate Galina's help. She's making a big difference in all of our lives. Thanks, Galina!"

Kelly & Paula, and their dog, Maddie.


"We've had such good experiences with Doggie Walkers! It makes it much easier to leave in the morning when you know your dog will be in good hands when I am not home. Our dog, Dolci, loves his dog walker! I praise Doggie Walkers not only for their friendliness of all the staff and walkers but also for their strong desire to do a good job and to be so conscientious about the details!"

Ingrid Novak, and her dog, Dolci.


"Our friends at Doggie Walkers have been very helpful during the past year, scheduling Buddy's walks on a weekly basis to accommodate my irratic work schedule. They never once let us down! Buddy loves his daily walks with Michele! He and the five kitties (Willie, Houdini, Tator, LittleBit and Spotty) look forward her visits and always receive the best TLC available.

Lynn Newbill, and her dog, Buddy.


"We love The Doggie Walkers! Galina is absolutely the best. She's been walking our 'little' Boston since she was a puppy. Galina and the entire Doggie Walker staff are so professional, reliable, and caring. We don't know what we'd do without you! We highly recommend The Doggie Walkers to anyone who wants the best for their 'best friend'."

MaryAnn and Cap Post, and their dog, Boston.


"Pam is awesome! Cooper loves her visits and you can tell from the notes she leaves that she really loves my dog. I thought I was going to have to give my dog up for adoption because of a changed work schedule. Doggie Walkers saved the day!"

Matt Gilbert, and his dog, Cooper.


"The Doggie Walkers has been wonderful when I can't be at home with Ceili. I know she is still getting lots of love and exercise."

Carrie Brubaker, and her dog, Ceili.


"I have been very happy with the Doggie Walkers. They have been very reliable and, most importantly, really seem to enjoy caring for Kayla. As a single person caring for my dog and working more than full-time, they have been my right hand in making sure Kayla is well cared for."

Betsy McCabe, and her dog, Kayla.



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