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Our Doggie Walkers
We are very proud of our staff of professional doggie walkers. Each of our walkers is an employee of the company (not an independent contractor) and has completed our multi-step application process which includes a criminal background check.  All of our walkers are adults who have one thing in common—a sincere love of dogs!   Our employees range in age from their mid twenties to mid seventies, and most have professional backgrounds.  Our staff is a mix of retires, stay-at-home moms, students, writers, artists, and the self-employed.  Many of our employees have been with us over 10 years! 

The Virginia Pack:

Candy, Darlene, Judy, Lara, Lynette, Nancy, Megan, Carol, Courtney, Ryan, Chandler, Michael

Falls Church/Annandale/McLean:
Bev, Annette, Randa, Karen, Debbie, David, Andrea, Mark, Mary Anne, Skyler, Priscilla, Nancy, Therese, Kaarn, Kristin, Avery, Tim, Noah, Adam

Francis, Donna Sue, Spencer, Kelly, Blythe, Kathy, Melina

Burke/Springfield/Fairfax Station:
Christa, Carol, Jasmin, Jennifer, Rafael

Marilyn, Lena, Karen, Janelle, Bill, Robert, Noah, Kristin, Adam, Bob

Reston/Herndon/Great Falls:
Doug, Bridgette, Janelle, Frances, Jeanmarie

The Maryland Pack:

The leader of the pack: Karen
Currently hiring for walkers

The DC Pack:

Currently hiring walkers in NW, DC!


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