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  1. How do I add or cancel a doggie walk?
  2. Should I call my walker directly
  3. What are your office hours?
  4. What is your snow policy?
  5. What if I need to change my weekly schedule?
  6. Do you offer pet sitting services when I travel?


  1. How do I add or cancel a doggie walk?
  2. Just contact our office by 10AM! This gives us time to get schedule requests to the walkers before they start their routes. (Please note that because the Power Pups rates are flat monthly rates, cancelled visits do not typically reduce your monthly bill). If you are calling to cancel a walk, we will call to confirm only if you request a confirmation.
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  3. Should I call my walker directly?
  4. No! Bad human! GRRR
    Our employees are paid to walk your wonderful dog, but are not paid to answer the phone. To respect our employees’ privacy and maintain our professionalism, please do not call your walker directly. All calls should go through our office number only. This ensures accurate scheduling, billing, and payroll. We cannot guarantee service that is requested by calling your walker on directly.

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  5. What are your office hours?
  6. Our office hours are Monday - Thursday from 9am - 5pm, Friday from 9am - 4pm.
    Our voice mail is always on. Messages are checked and responded to only during office hours. If you get the voice mail during office hours, we are on the line.

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  7. What is your snow policy?
  8. To ensure the overall safety of our walkers, we reserve the right to cancel walks if the schools are closed in your county due to inclement weather.

    If we decide to cancel all walks, we will post this on our Twitter website at www.Twitter.com/DoggieWalkers. Otherwise, your walker will call you at work to let you know if they will be walking that day. There will be no charge if we cancel your walk due to inclement weather.

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  9. What if I need to change my weekly schedule?
  10. Just call our office to discuss your needs. Hopefully your current doggie walker can accommodate your request. If necessary, we will assign a new doggie walker.
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  11. Do you offer pet sitting services when I travel?
  12. Alternative Pet Care handles all pet sitting reservations.
    Call 703-766-6182

    We will often wrap pet sitting visits around existing mid-day schedules. This saves you money on our regular pet sitting rates! Just let the Reservationist know you are a Doggie Walkers client—they will email, fax or snail mail you the paperwork we will need for your pet sitting file.
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