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Private School

Private Lessons:
Private lessons are scheduled at your home. You and your dog will work one-on-one with one of our trainers to address problem behaviors through behavior modification, work on basic obedience, or teach your dog a specific action.

Based on your goals, we will give you a realistic estimate of the number of lessons that will be needed to achieve that goal. Our estimates are based on the assumption that you will be working with your dog based on the lesson plan, between lessons. Generally, clients need between 1-6 sessions.

Behavior Modification:
Behavior modification programs are completely customized for your dog, based on his needs. Dogs are taught new behaviors to replace previously undesirable behaviors. We only use positive methods! Examples of "problem behaviors" may include (but are not limited to): destructive chewing, barking, jumping, nipping, house soiling, digging, lack of confidence, dog aggression, human aggression, etc.

Private Lessons for one dog:
$60 per hour or three 1-hour sessions for $150 (Savings of $30)

  • The owner and dog are present during each lesson at the same time.
  • Price is for one dog only.

Private Lessons for more than one dog:
Additional $20 per hour (per dog)

  • The owner and each dog are present during each lesson at the same time.
  • We recommend you work with your dogs daily. One on one and as a group.
  • Price is for more than one dog up to three.

Day School:
$500 package deal for one dog – Highly recommended!

  • Consist of 10 1-hour sessions at home. Owner does have to be present for all lessons.
  • Includes 3 one-hour sessions with you and your dog.
  • More than one dog - call (703) 766-6183 for custom rate.

In additional to dog training, we strongly recommend mid-day doggies walk. Please click for details.

**Please note: all packages must be paid in full by credit card on the day of booking. All lessons will be scheduled at that time through our office, but may be changed later if the client has a conflict. **

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