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The Doggie Walkers rates are competitive with other mid-day dog walking services. Our standard visit is 20-30 minutes with emphasis on the 30-minute length. We also offer a 15-minute visit for elderly dogs and toy breeds. Households with three or more dogs are given a custom quote.

Clients have two billing plans to “chewz” from depending on their scheduling needs.

For clients who need service on a consistent, guaranteed schedule, the Power Pups Plan is ideal. If you are under our Power Pups plan and you cancel service within the month your rate will revert to our Casual Pups rate of $19.99.

For clients with a less predictable schedule, who need short-term service, or prefer to “pay as they go”, the Casual Pups Plan may be a better option. 

All Doggie Walker rates are based on a minimum of 3 months of service.

Under extreme weather conditions a $9.99 per visit surcharge will be added automatically.


The Registration Meeting:

Our new client registration meeting allows you and your dog to meet and get to know your doggie walker. Your dog will feel more at ease during their walk having seen you and your walker together and you will feel more at ease leaving your dog in the care of someone you have met. This meeting is the same price as a single walk.


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